What is metamodernism in art?

Metamodernism in art subscribes to the idea of a ‘meta-narrative’ or 'story of a story' whilst using the tactics and tools of Postmodernism and new Technology. Metamodernist art aims to experiment and incite discussion about returning to a ‘meta-narrative’.


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Cubist features1
Cubist features1
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This is a vibrant and intriguing piece of Cubist art, showcasing a fascinating painting of a woman. The woman, appearing to be in her early twenties, is the focal point of the composition, her face beautifully depicted with expert detail. She is portrayed wearing a hat, adding a touch of elegance and mystery to her character. The painting's background is dominated by a powerful, bold red color, making the woman's figure stand out prominently. The woman's face presents a stark contrast to the background, with her skin appearing almost white in comparison. In terms of color scheme, other hues are also present, specifically black and blue. These colors, along with the red, create a dynamic and captivating visual experience for the viewer. The artist has also incorporated blue squares around the woman's face, providing an unexpected and intriguing geometric element to the piece. Despite its simplicity, the painting is also reminiscent of a graphic design, with its bold colors and shapes. However, its delicate detailing, particularly in the depiction of the woman's face, reminds us of its status as a painting. This piece is an excellent example of the fusion of traditional painting techniques with more modern and metamodernist design elements.