What is metamodernism in art?

Metamodernism in art subscribes to the idea of a ‘meta-narrative’ or 'story of a story' whilst using the tactics and tools of Postmodernism and new Technology. Metamodernist art aims to experiment and incite discussion about returning to a ‘meta-narrative’.


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Meta Artwork5
Abstraction, Figure, Metamodernism
Meta Artwork5
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A man wearing a black hat and a black shirt is standing in the center of the frame. His intense blue eyes are looking directly at the camera. On the front of his shirt is a white text logo, with a unique design. He looks like a cartoon character, with a certain kind of charm to him that is hard to describe. His facial expression is serious and determined, almost as if he is ready to take on the world. The background is a plain black, seemingly emphasizing the focus on the man himself. The combination of the black and white colors, along with the text logo, gives this metamoderism man interesting and stylish look. It almost looks like a piece of graphic art, and could be used to advertise a variety of products.