What is metamodernism in art?

Metamodernism in art subscribes to the idea of a ‘meta-narrative’ or 'story of a story' whilst using the tactics and tools of Postmodernism and new Technology. Metamodernist art aims to experiment and incite discussion about returning to a ‘meta-narrative’.


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Encaustic Art
Encaustic figure4
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This Encaustic Art wWork portrays an exquisite piece of art, a captivating painting of a woman that seems to be the main focus. The woman captured in the painting is elegantly dressed, gracefully donning a green dress that complements her overall appearance. Her attire suggests sophistication and an appreciation for style and fashion, an aspect that adds depth to her character. The artwork is skillfully framed, which enhances its aesthetic appeal and makes it stand out. The painting's background color scheme is dominated by varying shades of brown, serving as a perfect contrast to the woman's dress and adding an extra layer of depth to the piece. The woman's face, beautifully painted, is a standout feature of the artwork. She appears to be in her mid-twenties and has an attractive and radiant visage. Her hair is intricately braided, adding a unique touch to her character. A close look at her face reveals a complex interplay of emotions and an air of mystery, inviting viewers to delve deeper into her story. The visual artistry and attention to detail make this painting an exceptional work of art. It is not just a simple portrait of a woman but a metamodern narrative that tells a story, evoking curiosity and admiration in the viewer. Despite being an inanimate object, the painting's lifelike depiction of the woman makes it seem as though she could step out of the frame at any moment. This masterpiece stands testament to the artist's skill and imagination, successfully portraying the woman's elegance and enigma through the medium of paint.