What is metamodernism in art?

Metamodernism in art subscribes to the idea of a ‘meta-narrative’ or 'story of a story' whilst using the tactics and tools of Postmodernism and new Technology. Metamodernist art aims to experiment and incite discussion about returning to a ‘meta-narrative’.


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Metamodernist Abstraction1
Abstraction, Metamodernism
Metamodernist Abstraction1
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This vivid metamodernist artwork features an abstract art piece with a colorful pattern of hues and tones. The background is primarily red and blue, with an emerald green border outlining the entire image. The center of the piece is comprised of a dynamic array of red, yellow, and white stripes, and there is a hint of purple and orange in the mix as well. The piece is presented in close up, with a few small details visible, such as the faint white lines tucked in between the other colors. The colors are vivid, and the overall composition is balanced and attractive. It could be described as a "rainbow" of colors, or an explosion of vibrant shades. This art piece captures the imagination and encourages the viewer to look more closely and explore the subtle nuances of the piece.