What is metamodernism in art?

Metamodernism in art subscribes to the idea of a ‘meta-narrative’ or 'story of a story' whilst using the tactics and tools of Postmodernism and new Technology. Metamodernist art aims to experiment and incite discussion about returning to a ‘meta-narrative’.


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Abstract Symmetry3
Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Symmetry3
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This Abstract Expresionism features an eye-catching and vibrant pattern on a clean white background. The artist has skillfully used a perfect blend of blue and yellow tones, with the blue being the dominant color. This powerful color scheme creates a strong visual impact. While the background is plain white, it enhances the overall appeal and makes the colored pattern pop even more. This artwork falls under the category of abstract non-photographic art and displays an impressive use of symmetry. The pattern seems to be a kaleidoscopic image, typically found in fractal and psychedelic art. The design could easily be compared to a graphic design due to its intricate detailing and precise execution. The artistry in this metamodern piece is indisputable, presenting a style that mirrors the vivid hues of Majorelle Blue. The intense colorfulness of the pattern gives the work a psychedelic feel that encourages the viewer to dive deeper into the intricacies of the design. Given the complexity and beauty of this piece, it's clear that this modern art piece is not just a simple pattern, but a striking example of abstract, psychedelic, and graphic design artistry.